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Author Guidelines

Authors are invited to make a submission. All submissions will be initially assessed by an editor for suitability for the journal - to determine whether they meet the aims and scope of this journal. Manuscripts for consideration will be further subject to peer review.

Before making a submission, authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any material included with the submission, such as photos, documents and datasets. All authors identified on the submission must consent to be identified as an author. Where appropriate, research should be approved by an appropriate ethics committee in accordance with the legal requirements of the study's country.

An editor may desk reject a submission in case it fails to meet minimum standards of quality or if plagiarism is detected. Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure that the study design and research argument are properly structured and developed. Authors are recommended to use the IMRAD format to structure their papers. The title should be concise. The abstract should include at least one sentence concerning the purpose of the article, scope of the research, research limitations, design, methodology, approach, findings, practical implications, originality and main conclusions. This will increase the likelihood of reviewers agreeing to review the paper. When you're satisfied that your submission meets this standard, please follow the checklist below to prepare your submission.


You can use this checklist to conduct a final check of your submission before you send it to this journal for review.

1. The journal accepts only manuscripts that have not been published previously and have not been submitted for reviewing.

2. Please use the paper template for your manuscript. Do not include authors' names in your manuscript when you make your initial submission. Prepare a cover letter according to the instructions.

3. Please submit your manuscript and cover letter via

4. This journal operates a double-blind review process.

5. The journal is open access. It does not have APC or other charges.



The editorial board welcomes all submissions that contribute to the objectives and scope of the journal. We publish articles in the following groups:

♦          Conceptual papers

         Research papers 

         Review papers

♦          Micro articles

♦          Literature reviews

♦          Book reviews

♦          Abstract of doctoral dissertations



Please use the paper template.



         Manuscripts are subject to a double-blind peer review process.

  • The editorial board initially assesses all submissions. The editors check on the manuscript compliance with the objectives and scope of the journal and any other requirements. The manuscript is checked for plagiarism.
  • If the manuscript meets the requirements of the first stage, it is sent to two independent reviewers. The journal applies the principle of double-blind review.
  • Having received the reviewers’ assessments, the editor-in-chief decides whether to accept or reject the manuscript. To do this there needs to be unanimous opinion from both reviewers. If their opinions are extremely opposite, the editor-in-chief can require a third reviewer’s expert opinion.
  • A manuscript can be accepted without any remarks or with minimal correction. This does not require another check from a reviewer. Before publication, the manuscript is checked again for plagiarism.
  • A manuscript can be accepted with a recommendation for substantial correction. This requires for reviewers to confirm again the truthfulness and relevance of their corrections, after that the editor-in-chief makes the decision to publish the article.
  • The manuscript can be returned to its author for substantial rewriting and a second review process is initialized.
  • In case the manuscript is rejected, its author cannot send it again.

Cover Letter

A cover letter must be included with each manuscript submission. It should contain the full author names and affiliations. Author names, affiliations and any other potentially identifying information should be removed from the manuscript. Authors need to confirm that neither the manuscript nor any parts of its content are currently under consideration or published in another journal. The names of excluded reviewers should be provided in the cover letter. 

Submission Preparation Checklist

All submissions must meet the following requirements.

  • This submission meets the requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.
  • This submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.
  • All references have been checked for accuracy and completeness.
  • All tables and figures have been numbered and labeled. All tables and figures have "Source: ..." below them.
  • The abstract is structured according to the instructions, given in the paper template.
  • The manuscript is written in the paper template.
  • Permission has been obtained to publish all photos, datasets and other material provided with this submission.
  • The uniqueness of the text is above 90%.


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